Weiwen Huang

Weiwen Huang is the Director of the Department of Urban & Architecture Design, Shenzhen Municipal Planning Bureau, and the main organizer of the Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of UrbanismArchitecture. His department is responsible for the urban design of the most important areas of the city, and for the organization and supervision of architectural design competitions for key projects.

Weiwen encouraged both exploration and reform in the 2006 urban design project in Guangming New Town (Guangming means radiant in Chinese). The goal was to build an eco-city with a new standard for the green city aimed at long term regional sustainability. Weiwen hopes to create new regulations to foster more open and fair design competitions, rather than oversee exclusive/invitation only processes. As a civil servant, he engages in independent research and writes articles speaking out against automobile dependence and super-scale urban environments, and instead attaches importance to active public spaces, green transportation, human scale development and public participation in urban planning. His writing includes: Research in the Renovation of Urban Villages (2003), Redevelopment of Huaqiangbei Road (2005), Sculpture City (2006), Utopia Lost City (2007), Urbanization in Contemporary China Observed: Dramatic Changes and Disruptions (2008). After the devastating earthquake on May 12, 2008, he initiated a professional aide program named Re-Tumu (regeneration of post-quake homeland with professional action), organized a New Campus design competition, and helped design 8 schools in the area.

As a Loeb Fellow, Weiwen Huang studied regulations, standards and best practices of urban design and regional planning in western cities, and identified ways to adapt and apply this information to his practice in Shenzhen.

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