Carlos Felix Raspall Galli

Felix Raspall is an architect and design researcher investigating the relationships between design, materiality and technology. He holds a professional degree in architecture from the University of Buenos Aires and a post-professional Master of Architecture from Yale University, receiving awards in each program for superlative academic performance. Currently, he is a doctoral candidate at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Felix has conducted teaching and research in several institutions, including TU Graz, the University of Buenos Aires and the GSD, where he works as project manager at the Materials and Systems Group.

Felix’s work explores innovative modes of design production in which material constraints creatively inform designs, drawing inspiration from the smartness and opportunism often found in local and informal practices. His doctoral research at the GSD develops methods for designing with irregular construction materials and imprecise construction processes, where the larger uncertainties require active design decisions during construction. It elaborates the conceptual framework and the enabling technologies for design projects that can immediately adapt to the contingencies of the fabrication process. His work involves rethinking the essence of ‘design’ as a real-time negotiation between what is desired and what is readily available, what is fixed in the project and what is left open-ended, and ultimately, what is directly controlled by the designers and what can be programmed  into the ‘process’ itself.

Felix is a licensed architect in Argentina, and he has previously worked at international offices including Pelli-Clarke-Pelli and MSGSSS Arquitectos. His research and design work has been published in books and journals and he has been the recipient of several awards including the Fulbright scholarship 2008-10, the CPAU prize 2004, the Winchester Prize 2010, and the Peter Rice Prize 2012.