Fares El-Dahdah

Farès el-Dahdah is Professor of Architecture and Director of the Humanities Research Center at Rice University. He is guest lecturing in the Cities by Design II course this spring. He received a BFA (’86) and a BArch (’87) from the Rhode Island School of Design and a MAUD (’89) and DDes (’92) from the GSD. Since 2001, el-Dahdah’s research has primarily focused on modern architecture in Brazil and, more recently, on the spatial and social evolution of Rio de Janeiro, which earned him the 2011-12 Cisneros Visiting Fellowship form the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies. His research has otherwise been supported by the Canadian Center for Architecture, the Graham Foundation, the Getty Foundation, Brazil’s Ministry for External Relations, and Petrobras, among others. El-Dahdah recently co-edited Roberto Burle Marx: The Modernity of Landscape (Actar, 2011), participated in Reason and Environment (MAM-SP, 2011), and co-organized the exhibition Lucio Costa, Architect (2010). His ongoing activities include the organization of archives held by Casa de Lucio Costa and Fundação Oscar Niemeyer, on the boards of which he serves. El-Dahdah is currently writing a book on Lucio Costa’s Brasilia Pilot Plan project and is co-developing an online historical atlas spanning the entire history of Rio de Janeiro.