Felipe Vera

Lecturer in Urban Planning and Design

Felipe Vera is a Chilean architect and urbanist. His research and design work focuses on advancing the understanding of urban ecologies and social patterns in emerging landscapes, incorporating interdisciplinary tools with a special interest on mapping temporary and ephemeral processes of urbanization around the globe. He has previously done fieldwork and research at Varanasi’s cremation grounds and the festival of the Kumbh Mela in Allahabad, both expressions of what could be called an urbanism of the ephemeral. Felipe is currently an instructor in urban planning and design at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, a Research Associate in A Sustainable Future for Exuma, Environmental Management, Design and Planning Project and a collaborator in the Kumbh Mela Project. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Architecture and Urbanism from the School of Architecture at University of Chile, a Masters in Real Estate Development from the same university and a Post-Professional Master in Design Studies with a concentration in Urbanism, Landscape & Ecology from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. He is also the recipient of several awards, including the Fulbright Fellowship, Becas Chile, ITEC Fellowship, and the Mario Recordón and Jaime Bendersky awards.