Herbert Dreiseitl

Herbert Dreiseitl is an internationally renowned sculptor, artist, Herbert Dreiseitllandscape architect, and interdisciplinary planner. He is the founder of Atelier Dreiseitl, a globally integrated design studio with a 30-year history of excellence in landscape architecture and urban planning. A hallmark of Herbert’s work is the innovative use of water to solve environmental challenges. He has realized groundbreaking contemporary designs in the fields of urban hydrology, water design, and stormwater Herbert Dreiseitl Projectmanagement. For Herbert, art connects people with place, making the esoteric understandable. He lectures widely and has authored many publications including three editions of New Waterscapes — Planning, Building and Designing with Water.

As a Loeb Fellow, Herbert explored the history of water and society, the changing exogenous water security environments, and design tools for managing global water-related risks.