Joao Nunes

João Nunes is a Landscape Architect educated at the Instituto Superior de Agronomia of Lisbon (1985), master in Landscape Architecture at ETSAB – Barcelona (1996). He serves as Director of the International Master in Landscape Architecture coordinated by ETSAB and ACMA. In 2013 he was awarded with the 1st Chair of Excellence for Architecture and Culture Project in the Territory of Trentino entitled to Adalberto Libera. He is full professor at Mendrisio Architecture Academy (2014) and teaches at the Instituto Superior de Agronomia of Lisbon (1992).

He has been Visiting Professor at UPENN, IUAV (Venice), Poltecnico di Milano (Milan and Mantua), Universidad de Navarra (Pamplona), École National Supérieure du Paysage (Versailles).

He is founder and CEO of the Landscape Architecture Studio PROAP, which gathers a vast group of professionals in a cross-disciplinary team, with distinguished levels of expertise in landscape, in its most inclusive conception. João Nunes develops PROAP’s conceptual and creative design. He leads project development and defines the strategic orientation of the research pro­cesses.

In 2010 he published the monography “PROAP – Landscape Architecture” (Note), which resumes the approach, the philosophy and projects of the first 25 years of his office. He is also co-author of “Lost Competitions” (Proap Editions, 2011).