Kathryn Madden

Kathryn Madden has been working with cities and institutions to shape their future development for over 25 years.  Her professional practice focuses on the regeneration of urban districts and strengthening institutional campuses as centers for learning, health, and economic development.  Ms. Madden provides a leadership role that integrates urban design, community perspective, and stakeholder interests to define a strong local identity. With the goal of boosting economic potential, she develops strategies to overcome barriers to implementation, ranging from organization structure to development regulations. 

At national conferences, Ms. Madden has recently spoken about economic development, medical districts, and the university-city interface.  Her district plans have led to significant new investment, coordinated between public, private, and institutional sectors in cities across the United States.  She recently has been advising medical and educational institutions on their real estate and neighborhood strategies. 

Ms. Madden graduated from MIT with dual master’s degrees in City Planning and Architectural Studies.  Her undergraduate studies in Geography and Anthropology continue to shape her work.  Ms. Madden was a Principal at Sasaki Associates prior to founding her own firm, Madden Planning Group.