Michael Piper

Michael Piper works on inventively engaging mainstream architecture and city building in the U.S.  As a co-founder of DUB studios, an Architecture and Urban Design practice, he does speculative urban projects that work at the scale of metropolitain regions through incremental changes to small scale buildings and infrastructure. Concurrently, Piper works at DUB on commissioned projects that range from kitchen additions to office towers. He is the lead designer and project manager for two large mixed use commissions in Durham, NC that occupy 11 city blocks with 1,500,000 square feet of program. 
Piper was the 2010 -11 Lefevre Fellow at Ohio State University and has previously taught at Syracuse, City College of New York and NYIT’s Abu Dhabi campus. He received a Masters in Architecture from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and a BS in Architecture from Georgia Tech. Before and during his university education he did four years of construction, an experience that drives his interest to negotiate lofty ideas with the pragmatics of implementation.