Rodney Barnett

Rod Barnett is Chair of the Graduate Program in Landscape Architecture in the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture at Auburn University.  

Formerly at Unitec New Zealand, where he was director of the Unitec Landscape Unit, the research wing of the Department of Landscape Architecture, he has devoted the last twelve years to experiments in emergence and nonlinear design.

A strong advocate of research by design, Barnett has investigated emergence in landscape architecture across a range of academic and professional venues, including design studios, professional practice and publications. This has included field work in the islands of the South Pacific, historical explorations of nonlinearity in medieval gardens and, currently, the reformulation of forgotten urban and rural landscapes in the South.

Barnett’s recent book, Emergence in Landscape Architecture, explores these issues, arguing that the open, uncertain condition of all landscapes places them at the heart of 21st century design practice.