Stefano Andreani

Research Associate and Lecturer in Architecture

Stefano Andreani is a licensed architectural engineer and educator interested in innovative and transformative design research methods for the understanding and design of human-centered built environments. Andreani is a Lecturer in Architecture at the Graduate School of Design of Harvard University teaching courses on responsive environments, technological longevity, and quantitative urban experiences.

Pursuing his research at the intersection of innovation-driven architecture and digitally-informed urban design, Andreani is a Research Associate and Project Manager at the Responsive Environments and Artifacts Lab (REAL) at Harvard GSD where he develops alternative strategies for intelligent spaces, hybrid systems, and digital/physical artifacts towards a positive societal impact. Drawing on his research at Harvard, he also designs and consults at INVIVIA, a global architectural design, user experience and strategic research studio.

Andreani lectured, published, and exhibited internationally in numerous venues. He received a Master in Design Studies from Harvard GSD, focusing on computational design and robotic fabrication methods for novel building systems. He also received a Master in Architectural Engineering and a Bachelor in Civil Engineering from the University of Perugia, where he then served as a Lecturer in Architectural Technology.