Urban Watershed Management: Flooding and Water Quality


Urban Watershed Management: Flooding and Water Quality

Urban Watershed Management: Flooding and Water Quality
Peter G. Rowe

A presentation of the then current methods of measuring, modeling and managing urban watershed problems. Contributions vary with regard to disciplinary background, including hydrology, water quality, land-use planning, data base management, watershed modeling, drainage design, floodplain management, economics and law. Several case studies exemplify multidisciplinary research efforts among these fields. Concern over floodplain use and nonpoint sources of pollution is widespread, and there is currently much debate over structural and nonstructural approaches to flooding and water quality control. Indeed, many of the papers in this collection address themselves to these issues.






Citizen Participation in the Planning Process.


I.Modeling Urban Watershed Response.

    Urban Drainage Problems

    Effect of Urbanization and Other Factors on Synthetic Unit Hydrographs

    Selected Approaches to Urban Watershed Response Modeling

    Use of EPA SWMM for Continuous Simulation

II.Economics and Legal Issues.

     The Economics of Urban Stormwater Management

     The Federal Governments Evolving View of Floodplain Management

     The Impact of Floodplain Studies and Floodplain Management on Private Property Rights

     Nonstructural Approaches to Flooding and Water Quality Control

III. Data Bases in Watershed Management.

     Flood Damage Assessments Using Spatial Data Management Techniques

     Constructing a Geographic Information System for Watershed Management

     Houston Metropolitan Common Data Base: METROCOM

IV. Case Studies.

     Findings of the Rowlett Creek Basin Expanded Floodplain Study

     An Initial Investigation of Structural and Nonstructural Flood Control Alternatives for Cypress Creek.

     Prediction and Control of Urban Stormwater Quality: A case Study

     Nonpoint Sources of Pollution: The Emerging Issue in Water Quality Management for Dallas-Ft. Worth



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