HDM 19: Architecture as Conceptual Art?


HDM 19: Architecture as Conceptual Art?

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Eric Lum
Conceptual Matter: On Thinking and Making Conceptual Architecture

Nina Last
Conceptualism’s (Con)quests: On Reconceiving Art and Architecture

Jorge Silvetti
The Muses Are Not Amused: Pandemonium in the House of Architecture

Sanford Kwinter
Concepts: The Architecture of Hope; On Difficulty and Innovation

Timothy Love
Kit-of-Parts Conceptualism: Abstracting Architecture in the American Academy

Mark Kingwell
Monumental/Conceptual Architecture: The Art of Being Too Clever by Half

Alex Krieger
The Costs--and Benefits?--of Sprawl

Matthew J. Kiefer
Suburbia and its Discontents

Ellen Dunham-Jones
Smart Growth in America

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Martin Bechthold
On Shells and Blobs

Mai Ghoussoub
Iraq 1999

Carl Sapers
Toward Architectural Practice in the 21st Century

Jan Otakar Fischer
Issues in Recent German Exhibition Design

Grahame Shane
The Emergence of “Landscape Urbanism”

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Reviewed by Joseph Rykwert
After the World Trade Center: Rethinking New York City, edited by M. Sorkin, S. Zukin
The American City, by A. Garvin
Cities, by N. Thrift and A. Amin
Downtown, by R. Fogelson
Out of Ground Zero, edited by J Ockman
The Unfinished City, by T. Bender

Reviewed by Tim Culvahouse
Labour, Work, and Architecture
by K. Frampton

Reviewed by Daniel Naegele
Italian Architecture of the 16th Centry
by C. Rowe, L. Satowski

Reviewed by Mardges Bacon
Chandigarh’s Le Corbusier by V. Prakash
Le Corbusier by K. Frampton
Le Corbusier: Architect of the Twentieth Century by K. Frampton
Le Corbusier before Le Corbusier edited by S. von Moos, A. Riiegg

Reviewed by Michelangelo Sabatino
Theories and Hisotry of Architecture by M. Tafuri, F. Dal Co

Reviewed by Robert Harbison
Origins, Imitation, Conventions by J. Ackerman

Reviewed by Hilde Heynen
The Minimum Dwelling by K. Teige

Reviewed by Sandy Isenstadt
Architecture of the Night edited by D. Neumann
City Lights by J. Jakle

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