HDM 29: What About the Inside?


Harvard Design Magazine, Number 29, Cover

HDM 29: What About the Inside?

With this issue, Harvard Design Magazine begins a new design and broader cultural focus.  The topic, “What about the Inside?,” explores the state of interiors and interiority in contemporary art, architecture, fabric design, product design, office buildings, photography, and philosophy.

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Mohsen Mostafavi
Architecture’s Inside (pdf)

Ewa Lajer-Burcharth
Interiors at Risk: Precarious Spaces in Contemporary Art

Irénée Scalbert
Making Space for Fashion: Stanton Williams’s 1987 Commission for Issey Miyake

Eve Blau
Tensions in Transparency
Between Information and Experience: The Dialectical Logic of SANAA’s Architecture

Peter Sloterdijk
Excerpts from Spheres III: Foams
first English translation by Daniela Fabricious

Irene Cheng
Houses of Mirth: Atelier Bow-Wow’s Ironies

Preston Scott Cohen
Dexterous Architecture

Sanford Kwinter
The Reenchantment of the Interior
Olafur Eliasson’s Weather Project

Mark Pimlott
The Continuous Interior: Infrastructure for Publicity and Control

Sylvia Lavin
Petra Envy: Designs of Petra Blaisse

Michael Cadwell
The Beauty of the Percolation: On the Interiors of Lewis Tsurumaki Lewis

Akira Suzuki
Weaving Worlds, Stitching Stories: On the Fabrics of Reiko Sudo

Michael Meredith
Whatever Happened to “Whatever Happened to Total Design?”?
The Momentary Utopian Jouissance of the Bouroullec Brothers (pdf)

David L. Hays
Landscapes within Buildings

William S. Saunders
Beneficent Emptiness in the Photography of Candida Höfer

Frank Duffy
Lumbering to Extinction in the Digital Field
The Taylorist Office Building (pdf)

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Antoine Picon
The Digital and the Utopian: Reassessing Buckminster Fuller

K. Michael Hays and Dana Miller
Buckminster Fuller: Starting with the Universe: Introduction

Nathalie Beauvais    
The Machine as the Garden
The New Harvard Campus in Allston, Sustainability and Its Effects on Design (pdf)

Kenneth Frampton
Global Architecture: A Review Essay

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reviewed by Alex Krieger
The Concrete Dragon: China’s Urban Revolution and What It Means for the World
by Thomas J. Campanella

reviewed by Alan Altshuler
The Neoliberal City: Governance, Ideology, and Development in American Cities
by Jason Hackworth

reviewed by Christopher Long
Form Fillows Libido: Architecture and Richard Neutra in a Psychoanalytic Culture
by Sylvia Lavin
Lessons from Bernard Rudofsky: Life as a Voyage Edited
by Monika Platzer

reviewed by Mark Cruvellier
Architect and Engineer: A Study in Sibling Rivalry
by Andrew Saint

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