HDM 30: (Sustainability) + Pleasure, Vol. I: Culture and Architecture


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HDM 30: (Sustainability) + Pleasure, Vol. I: Culture and Architecture

This and the next issue of Harvard Design Magazine are devoted to questioning and overcoming the commonly held assumption that the pursuit of sustainability and the pursuit of pleasure are in tension if not opposition. Here, broad cultural issues and architecture, and the design of objects are studied. Sustainability is put in parentheses in the title because this term is contested and ambiguous: usually referring to technological prowess in reducing energy consumption and natural damage, the world should also imply much broader realities, including the social, the cultural, the economic, and the psychological—the ecological in its fullest sense. The city, in this view, is an endlessly independent network.

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Wendy Steiner
The Joy of Less (pdf)

Andrew Payne
Sustainability and Pleasure : An Untimely Meditation (pdf)

Iñaki Abalos
Beauty from Sustainability?

François Ascher
Hypermondern Society & the Eclectic Individual; The Invention of the Local

Christopher Hight
The New Somatic Architecture

Philippe Rahm
Climatic Constructions: Thermal Asymmetry in Architecture

Jacques Ferrier
The Sensual City: The Artificial Enabling the Natural

Matthias Schuler and Anja Thierfelder
In Situ: Site-Specificity in Sustainable Architecture

Matthias Sauerbruch
Sustainability, or the Redefinition of the Pleasure Principle

David Leatherbarrow and Richard Wesley
Frameworks of Performance & Delight

John Stilgoe
Wheels, Safeties, and Bicycles-to-Be

William Saunders
Toward an Architecture of Lightness

online only
G. Z. Brown
Delight in Sun, Wind, and Light: Sustainability and Pleasure Indoors/Outdoors (pdf) 

online only
Verena Conley
Small Pleasures in Huge Webs (pdf)

online only
Chuck Hoberman
New Transformers in Building

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Ordos: Nine Houses by GSD Faculty
Overview by Jeff Kipnis
nARCHITECTS, Preston Scott Cohen Inc., SsD architecture, IKstudio, MOS, Toshiko Mori Architect, F451 arquitectura, Rocker-Lange Architects, and Normal Architecture Office

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Peter Sloterdijk
Talking to Myself about the Poetics of Space (pdf)

Bruno Latour
Spheres and Networks: Two Ways to Reinterpret Globalization (pdf)

online only
Tom Spector
The “Architecture 2030 Challenge”: A Reality Check 

online only
Nalina Moses
A Critical Overview of New Architecture in India (pdf)

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Reviewed by Reinhold Martin
Endless City: The Urban Age Project

Edited by Ricky Burdett and Deyan Sudjic

Reviewed by Hubert Murray
Retrofitting Suburbia

By Ellen Dunham-Jones and June Williamson

Reviewed by Dana Cuff
In Search of New Public Domain
By Maartin Hajer and Arnold Reijndorp
Open: New Designs for online Public Space
Edited by Raymond W. Gastil and Zoe Ryan (pdf)

online only
Reviewed by Tom Spector
Architecture in the Age of Divided Representation
By Dalibor Vesely (pdf)

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Projects: HDM 30: (Sustainability) + Pleasure, Vol. I: Culture and Architecture

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