The Architecture of Kallman McKinnell & Wood


Book Cover The Architecture of Kallman McKinnell & Wood

The Architecture of Kallman McKinnell & Wood
Editor: Alex Krieger Harvard University and Rizzoli, 1988

This monograph is appropriately devoted to the architecture of Kallmann, McKinnell & Wood. It records the exhibition of the firm's work accompanying N. Michael McKinnell's 1998 Walter Gropius Lecture at the Graduate School of Design. As such, it reveals only part of the story of the architects' careers. What two generations of American architecture students know well, and what each of the essayists touches upon, is that Gerhard Kallmann and Michael McKinnell have pursued the teaching of architecture with a vigor equal to that for their practice. While many architects combine teaching and practice during the course of their professional lives, few are willing to sustain the demands concurrently over any length of time. For over two decades—and to the direct benefit of both their architecture and their students—Kallmann and McKinnell have shown an equal devotion to both enterprises.


Foreword, Jose Rafael Moneo


The Studied Imperfections of Kallmann, McKinnell & Wood, Alex Krieger

Boston City Hall and Plaza

Boston Five Cents Savings Bank

Phillips Exeter Academy Athletics Facility

American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Back Bay Railroad and Rapid Transit Station

Washington University School of Business and Public Administration

Becton Dickinson and Company Corporate Headquarters

Two Teachers: A Personal Reflection, Peter Eisenman

Gerhard Kallmann and Michael McKinnell as Educators, Eduard Sekler

Kallmann, McKinnell & Wood: Architects of the Metaphorical, the Narrative and the Evocative, Robert Campbell

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