Glare Analysis of Daylit Spaces: Recommendations for Practice

Christoph Reinhart, J Alstan Jakubiec and Rashida Mogri

Glare, physical discomfort caused by contrast or luminous intensity, is an underutilized parameter in contemporary architectural design. This page presents a series of interrelated projects that are concerned with experimental and computer-based design analysis techniques to asses the appearance of glare in daylit spaces.

Multidirectional Time-Lapse Simulation - The animated image shows a cylindrical 360o view of a work space in Gund Hall. The color coded lines at the bottom show the predictions of different glare indices (DGP, DGI, UGI, CGI and VCP) whether discomfort glare will be experienced in a particular direction at at different times of the day (Green=Imperceptible Glare; Yellow=Perceptible Glare; Orange=Disturbing Glare; Red=Intolerable Glare).

Follow these links for more black and white Multidirectional Time-Lapse Simulations for Gund Hall, a sidelit office and a sidelit office with venetian blinds.