Christoph Reinhart

Associate Professor of Architectural Technology





Eduardo Berlin DDesS candidate Building Rating Systems
Diego Ibarra DDesS candidate Design Workflows
Alstan Jakubiec DDesS candidate Discomfort Glare
Holly (Wasilowski) Samuelson DDesS candidate Continuous Commissioning
Dan Weissman MDesS candidate The Daylit Area



name, degree granted 1st affiliation after graduation thesis topic
Karthik Dondeti, MDesS 2011   A 'Picasa' for BPS
Seth Holmes, MDesS 2011 Kao Design Group, Cambridge Future Climate and Price Scenarios
Cynthia Kwan, MDesS 2009 Woods Bagot, Hong Kong Performance Metrics for Gymnasia
Kera Lagios, MArch I 2010 Lam Partners, Cambridge Daylighting plug-in for Rhino
Rashida Mogri, MDesS 2011   HDR Photography
Jeff Niemasz, MArch I 2011   Solar Zoning
Azadeh Omidfar EYP Architecture & Engineering Combining Aesthetics and Energy
Rohit Manudhane, MDesS 2010 Ove Arup & Partners, New York Daylighting Nomographs
Jon Sargent, MArch I 2011   Static Shading Systems
Tiffany Otis, MArch I 2010 Ullernfaret 1B, Oslo Solar Architecture
Jennifer Sze, MDesS 2009 Israel Berger & Associates, New York Post Occupancy Evaluation



October 2009 Jan Wienold, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems
June 2009

Conor Sampson, McGill University, School of Architecture
(visit supported by the Nuckolls Fund for Lighting Education)