Sustainable Design Workflows

This web site provides a series of step-by-step tutorials (design workflows) for analyzing the performance of a building as far as climate, daylight, glare and and energy use are concerned. To access the instructions simply left-click onto the images. The focus user groups for this material are architectural students and practicing designers. The development of these instructions was supported through a grant from the Harvard Provost Office with additional support from Kalwall and the GSD Department of Architecture.

Climate Analysis Understanding Weather Files and Visualizing Data Using Autodesk Ecotect Weather Tool and Climate Consultant (Oct 2010).




Daylighting Rules of Thumb A rule-of-thumb based design sequence to implement diffuse daylighting during schematic design and design development (Mar 2009).

Daylighting Analysis in Rhino/Radiance/Daysim A series of video tutorials on how to carry out various daylighting and solar radiation studies (Oct 2010).

Daylighting Analysis in Ecotect/Radiance/Daysim How to carry out a daylight factor calculation in Ecotect, a basic glare evaluation in Radiance and a climate-based daylight simulation in Daysim (Nov 2006).

Software Interoperability How to prepare a Rhino model for export to Ecotect (Mar 2009).



Glare Analysis Three tutorials on High Dynamic Range Imagery and glare evaluations using Photosphere and Evalglare: I.Definitions, II.Photosphere, III.Evalglare (Jul 2010).



Direct Shading Analysis Using Autodesk Ecotect for Exterior Qualitative Solar Analysis (Apr 2010).
Thermal Analysis An introduction to thermal simulations using DesignBuilder/EnergyPlus for modeling the annual energy use of a building for heating, cooling and lighting (Sep 2009).