This year we are undertaking significant projects to improve safety, maintain facilities, and make programmatic improvements.  While we are taking steps to reduce the impact on the community, the summer months will include disruptive activities.

This first installment provides a brief outline of the projects.

Summer 2016 Capital Projects

Gund Sprinkler Installation Floor 2, 3, 4
Starting after commencement we will work from the south end of the building, down the west wing and finally the north wing.  This will be done in three phases with each phase taking 3-4 weeks.  You will be contacted with more details shortly.

Gund South Stair Concrete Repairs
Again right after commencement we will begin demo of the concrete (read noisy and disruptive) for two weeks.  Over the balance of the summer we will perform waterproofing and a new concrete pour.  The south  stair and the patios will be offline for the summer.

Security Upgrades
Throughout the academic campus we will be upgrading security infrastructure related to card access, security cameras, exterior lighting, door hardware and keying are the main scopes.  This should have low/no impact.

42K Windows and Heating System
Simply stated, in 42 Kirkland we will be installing high performance windows to improve energy efficiency and improve security.  A conversion from oil to natural gas will improve efficiency and lower our carbon footprint.

20S House Zero
We are in the planning stage of this project.  Construction tentatively scheduled for late summer/fall.  More to follow.