Harvard ID & Account:

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Your HUID  is an 8-digit number in the form 12345678. You can find your HUID on your ID Card. ID cards are issued by central Campus Services: http://www.campusservicecenter.harvard.edu/services/id-cards

Most web and other on-line resources at GSD and throughout Harvard require your HarvardKey as authentication. HarvardKey is a combination of your official GSD email address (e.g. jdoe@gsd.harvard.edu) and a password-or-phrase that you control.

Note also that starting Fall 2016, you are required to enable TwoStep authentication on your HarvardKey.

See these resources for assistance;  and then see GSD Helpdesk with questions or problems:

HarvardKey:  https://key.harvard.edu     Setup or change your HarvardKey.

TwoStep Verification:  http://huit.harvard.edu/twostep    Setup or change TwoStep  Verification.


Your “GSD Account” is issued by CRG and has the following naming convention: first initial plus last name and sometimes a number at the end e.g. jsmith2. This account is for GSD resources (i.e. printing and access to the server Goliath).  Click Here to reset the password to your GSD Account   Note: This link connects to an internal site and can only be accessed from the GSD network or through a VPN connection.  When you are prompted for your GSD Account you will see a dialog box that looks like this: