GSD Media Services provides media and presentation support for a variety of events and classroom instruction.

Event support

Media and presentation services (i.e. audio and visual technology support and/or recording and live streaming services) are normally provided by GSD Media Services for all events that are planned by the GSD Communications Department as part of the Public Programs Series. Other GSD events may be eligible for Media Services support but may be subject to cost recovery for labor provided, depending on technician availability and event logistics. When booking a room through the SERT system, Media Services requests can be made using the provided online form. All other inquiries should be made to the Media Services Manager by email to or phone (617) 496-3810.

For full details on AV services available in Piper Auditorium please refer to this document: Piper AV Services

Event Recording/Live Streaming

GSD Media Services offers multi-camera video recording services for approved events, including picture-in-picture functionality during electronic media presentations. The recorded program can also be live streamed to various online streaming platforms. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMERS: Any event recordings posted to official GSD platforms (i.e. the GSD Website or YouTube channel) are subject to our accessibility policy and therefore must be captioned. If you wish to distribute your video to these platforms, you or your organization will be responsible for the cost of captioning services (typically $2.10 per minute of content). Additionally, please be aware that these platforms, as well as our live streaming platform, are owned and operated by the GSD Communications Department and cannot be utilized without their express permission.

Classroom support

Ordinary support for classroom technology is handled promptly by the GSD Help Desk, who can provide training and assistance to course TAs.  Please request assistance in room L19 or by phone (617) 496-3810. Professors who wish to video record their class lectures should identify a Teaching Assistant to be trained by Media Services. Equipment, training and support will be provided for designated Teaching Assistants and recorded content will be stored in the course website.

An automated built-in Classroom Video Capture System is available in Room 111. Contact the Instructional Technology Group for assistance.

Student-Hosted events and informal presentations support

Most audio/visual environments at the GSD are designed to be used in a self-service capacity. Instructions for use of the appropriate technology are posted in each room. If you would like to arrange a tutorial for any given environment or need to make any special request, please contact Media Services in advance of your event.