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Among the remarkable developments in contemporary culture has been the convergence of practices that once unambiguously belonged to art or design but which today happily share methods, means, and concerns.



The city is an electrifying fray, a maddening web of cacophony that connects every one of us to every one of others. How can we find solace in a world that doesn’t stop? PULSUS is an ambient, interactive, and experimental installation, part of a collaborative…

exhibition dates: SEP 1 – DEC 15, 2017

Allen Sayegh, Curator


“A Spoon” and “Client ID: NSyuO-fJxYI4DTUf7zWa-osilclb5E7-qmEzyjuu”

by Youngjin Song (MDes '17) and Tanuja Mishra (MDes '17) In this pair of student projects, two contrasting tools—artificial intelligence, and the spoon—are applied as mediators of human experience and observation. In Youngjin Song’s “A Spoon,” viewers are invited to choreograph improvisational movements with the spoons presented…

exhibition dates: AUG 28 – OCT 15, 2017


Anatomy of Gund Hall

Anatomy of Gund Hall was developed in conjunction with the Sensory Media Workshop conducted by artist David Molander (Loeb Fellow '17) on September 30, 2016. What? In this workshop, the students will be creating a photographic mapping of Gund Hall. Photography is used as the…

exhibition dates: JAN 25 – MAR 19, 2017

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