Jorge Silvetti’s firm among winning teams in Rio de Janeiro Olympic Port Competition

Machado and Silvetti Associates is the leading designer of the partnership with the local firm of Jorge Mario Jauregui (Brazil) that has been awarded one of the four awards in the Competition for the Olympic Port in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Sponsored by the City Government through the Instituto Pereira Passos, organized by the Rio de Janeiro chapter of the Institute of Architects of Brazil, and supported by the Organizing Committee for the 2016 Olympic Games, the competition aims to rebuild the old harbor area of Rio and trigger urban renewal for the city and region.
Lead by Nelson Robinson Jr. Professor of Architecture Jorge Silvetti, this team included several GSD alumni: Wei Bao, MArch ’08; Jeffry Burchard, MArch ’08; Jayne Kang, MArch ’09; and Noel Murphy, MArch ’09.