Been Wang (MAUD ’76) Honored for Supporting Work to Cure Diabetes

In 2003, the New England Monte Jade Science and Technology Association invited two research doctors from Joslin Diabetes Center to speak on the alarming increase of diabetes in Asian-Americans. It was this presentation that inspired Been Wang to get involved with the world’s preeminent diabetes research and clinical care organization, something that has become a passion for the renowned local architect. 
Wang, 64, has been an active member in the local Asian community since coming to the United States from Taiwan in 1974. After the presentation, he began inviting Dr. George King and Dr. William Hsu of Joslin’s Asian-American Diabetes Initiative (AADI) to speak at more community events. 
“Twenty years ago, only 2% of Asian-Americans were living with diabetes. Today it is 12%,” says Wang.  “Joslin and AADI’s research is crucial in uncovering the reasons for this astounding increase as well as educating people about diabetes and finding a cure.” 
Almost a decade after being introduced to Joslin’s mission, Wang continues to be deeply involved. Credited with designing some of the area’s most famous science and biotechnology facilities, including the Genzyme Building and Harvard Medical School’s New Research Building, Wang is currently donating his professional services in creating a conceptual design and renderings for Joslin’s new Metabolic Kitchen, scheduled to break ground in June as part of a large scale renovation to the campus.  
“Having designed many buildings for biotech companies, laboratories and medical usage, I find it fascinating to connect with what actually happens inside the building once it is completed,” explains Wang. “It brings the two sides of a project together for me, and I find that extremely exciting.”
This year the Joslin Asian American Diabetes Initiative’s annual “A Spoonful of Ginger” event will honor Wang, along with Chef Wesley Chen and his family, for their commitment to supporting Joslin and their contributions to the AADI.
A Spoonful of Ginger is a food tasting of ginger-inspired dishes by all-star Boston chefs, including: Jasper White, Andy Husbands, Gordon Hamersley, Ting San, Evan Deluty, Joanne Chang, Brian Reyelt, Jacky Robert and Jose Duarte. It is being held Monday, March 26th from 6:30 p.m.–9:30 p.m. at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston’s new Art of the Americas Wing. Proceeds will benefit the AADI’s mission of enhancing the quality of life and health outcomes for the rising number of Asians and Asian-Americans living with diabetes, as well as supporting Joslin’s commitment to a cure.
For more information on the Joslin Diabetes Center’s 8th Annual A Spoonful of Ginger, please visit