Hilderbrand and Beardsley at the Philip Johnson Glass House

Gary Hilderbrand (adjunct professor of landscape architecture, and John Beardsley (adjunct professor of landscape architecture and director of garden and landscape studies at Dumbarton Oaks) shared the stage in an evening of discussion at the Philip Johnson Glass House on September 20. Their dialogue focused on issues of “Procession” in Johnson’s work at his New Canaan estate and other projects, and more broadly throughout modernist and traditional works.
Hilderbrand and Beardsley appeared as part of the ongoing series “Conversations in Context,” a reference to the Glass House Conversations that took place in the second half of the 20th century. Over the course of several decades, the Glass House became the gathering place for great minds in architecture, art and design. Its legendary conversations exerted an enormous influence on culture during this period, leading architectural historian Vincent Scully to call it “the most sustained cultural salon that the United States has ever seen.” Learn more about Conversations in Context.
Photo by Stacy Bass, courtesy of the Glass House