Moussavis MOCA welcomes change

How can a solid structure evoke change and the passage of time? That’s the challenge Farshid Moussavi (professor in practice in architecture) met in designing the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland.
Clad in black mirror steel, the building’s surface responds to weather and movement and offers the viewer a constantly changing perspective.  The interior of the non-collecting museum can be flexibly configured for events and exhibits. It’s painted a deep blue throughout for a sense of boundlessness. A far cry from the traditional white cube gallery, MOCA will be a fitting anchor for its emerging Cleveland neighbourhood.
Moussavi’s design has attracted widespread buzz, with recent articles in Dezeen,  Designboom and Architects’ Journal and a nice overview of her work by Steve Litt in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Plus the New York Times made special mention of her installation in a recent article about exhibits at the Venice Biennale.
Photo courtesy of FMA, taken by Dean Kaufman