GSD students look to the future of spatial practices

Nine GSD students have been invited to present their research when Penn State holds its 1st “Nature of Spatial Practices” conference this Friday. The conference will examine how spatial practice, education and political discourse are responding to the advancing technologies, increasing mobility and changing socio-cultural patterns of the past few decades.
The students showcase the wide range of GSD inquiry in all disciplines.
Chris Alton (MDesS ’14): “Welcome to Sulfurbia: Conditions and contradictions of industrial metabolism.”
Will Choi (MArch ’12), Matías Imbern (MDesS ’13), Felix Raspall (DDesS ’14): “Fisc variations: an integrated design and fabrication strategy for adaptable building systems.”
Andrew P. Leonard (MLA ’13): “BikeCity Sensing Conditions, Drawing Experience, Defining Urbanization.”
Conor O’Shea (MLA ’12, MDesS ’14): “Logistical Urbanism: Intermodal freight facilities as catalysts of urbanization.”
Lukas Pauer (MAUD ’14): “Through the Lens of the Geo-Architect: Manhattan as an infrastructural palimpsest.”
Victor Perez Amado (MArch ’14, MAUD ’14): “Tower of David: Caracas as the new Babel.”
Benjamin Scheerbarth (MUP ’14): “Where Art and Commerce Hold Hands in the Sunset: A Pilot Study of the KaterHolzig at Papaya Playa – A Design Hotels Project.”
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