Spatial politics: Delia Wendel and Fallon Samuels-Aidoo in Colloquy

PhD candidates Delia Wendel and Fallon Samuels-Aidoo approach their research from different perspectives, but both believe space and politics are intertwined and essential to understanding conflict and consensus. Samuels-Aidoo trained as a structural engineer, Wendel as an architect, and each has developed a passion for architectural history. After a symposium they organized on politics and the built environment drew scholars from geography, science, technology, sociology and anthropology, they received a Graham Foundation grant to create a book of essays: On the Spatial Epistomology of Politics, or How We Know Politics Through Space. They are profiled in “Political Landscape” in the fall 2012 issue of Colloquy
Photo of Barclays Center, Brooklyn by Jim Henderson