Niall Kirkwood presents opening lecture in public civic initiative

Niall Kirkwood, GSD Professor of Landscape Architecture and Technology presented the opening lecture in a new public civic initiative offered by the Landscape Academy for the General Public sponsored by the Seoul  Metropolitan Government, the Korea Institute of Landscape Architects and the Landscape Welfare Institute and hosted at Seoul City Hall, Republic of Korea.

Kirkwood presented a lecture, “What is Landscape Architecture?” following opening remarks by Park, Won-soon, Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan Government, Moon, Seung-guk, Vice Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan Government and Dr Im Seung-bin, President of Landscape Welfare Institute and Emeritus Professor, Seoul National University. Translating for Professor Kirkwood was Kim, Jungyoon (MLA’00) founding co-principal of PARKKIM, landscape architects of Seoul.

The initiative is a bi-weekly series of 15 lectures to inform the citizens of Seoul about the field of Landscape Architecture and its significance for the present and future roles, appearance, performance and nature of the contemporary city.