Form and Pedagogy: Carlos Garciavelez on the university city in Latin America

Carlos Garciavelez (MAUD ’12 and lecturer in urban design) published part of his Druker Fellowship research “Form and Pedagogy: An Atlas of 20th Century University City in Latin America” in the Argentinian architectural journal PLOT. Garciavelez’s applied research project traces the university campus model in Latin America as the most salient symbol of progress of the 20th century large-scale urban interventions inscribed into the Latin American city. 

PLOT cover Throughout the 20th century the academy became an epicenter of architectural and urban experimentation within major Latin American cities. The article documents the spatial evolution and legacy of the principal Latin American university-cities built in the past 60 years. It traces the continental and transcontinental design influences that shaped them and explories the relevance of the autonomous university campus as a pole for urban development in the city. Culled through extensive site visits to select universities and the examination of archival material, the work constructs a campus atlas that links selected individual campuses into a de facto Pan-American urban project. 

The research will be published as a book this fall titled: Form and Pedagogy: An Atlas of the 20th Century University City in Latin America.

Read an excerpt from the article.