Students launch Very Vary Veri journal

The newest in a long-standing tradition of student-edited journals at the GSD is about to take flight.  Simon Battisti (MArch II ’14), Etien Santiago (PhD ‘18, MArch II ‘11), Lukas Pauer (MAUD ’14) and Patrick Boateng II (MPP ’13, MUP ‘14), in collaboration with award-winning designer Boy Vereecken, are the editors of the first issue of Very Vary Veri.

Believing that insight into the nature of the contemporary built environment will come from critical inclusivity, VVV draws on the professional schools of Harvard and its neighbors for diverse perspectives on design from the fields of law, finance, government, real estate, public health, education, and beyond.

VVV is a product of Newsroom at the Design School, an editorial program initiated by Battisti and Pauer in fall 2013, comprising exhibition space and periodic educational events in addition to the publication. The inaugural issue will ship on April 2 and will be on display at the GSD’s Open House; it can be pre-ordered via the VVV website.