MLAs earn top honors in Ecological Community competition

Ken Chongsuwat and Peichen Hao (both MLA I 15′) earned honorable mention–the top award–in the Ecological Community competition of the Two World Community Foundation. Their advisors for the project were David Mah (lecturer in landscape architecture) and Chris Reed (associate professor of landscape architecture). 

Directed to imagine a convenient, economical, resource-efficient environment of privacy, beauty, involvement, and access, the GSD team came up with Orographic Hills, a landscape that seamlessly integrates urbanization and public spaces. Landforms are shaped to take advantage of wind patterns and moisture accumulation to produce suitable living conditions for habitants throughout the year.

Ken Chongsuwat said, “We are very glad that the idea of landscape urbanism–viewing landscape as building blocks of urbanism as opposed to buildings–can be recognized as the future alternative for the development of urban cities.”