Harvard Gazette on Harvard Design Magazine: “An invitation to look again”

In “Making Print Matter,” Harvard Gazette staff writer Cory Ireland notes that Harvard Design Magazine—whose 39th issue, “Wet Matter,” was launched at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design last week—”fervently embraces the thingness of print.”

The Gazette‘s extensive overview of content from the current issue, in addition to revealing quotes from editor in chief Jennifer Sigler, guest editor Pierre Bélanger, and associate editor Leah Whitman-Salkin, sheds light onto the editorial process and the making of such an in-depth object.

Ireland writes: “The ‘Wet Matter’ issue, said Bélanger, turned into an exercise on ‘how far you can stretch out an idea.’ The content 33 illustrated essays and interviews, along with five reviews — proves that point by being eclectic and surprising.”