MArch I/MArch I AP

Architecture Core Prep Workshop: August 12 – August 23, 2019

The Department of Architecture offers a Core Prep workshop to incoming Architecture students. This workshop is required for any entering Master in Architecture student who finds the requirement listed on their ‘Application Status Page' and is open to all incoming Architecture students. Please review the Architecture Core Prep information.

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Landscape Architecture Pre-term Course (required for all entering MLA): August 19-23, 2019

MLA students must arrive by Sunday, August 18 to install software for the course.



Urban Design Pre-term Workshop (required for all entering Urban Design students): August 12-23, 2019



Urban Planning Pre-term Workshop (strongly encouraged for all entering MUP students): August 19-23, 2019



Design Engineering Pre-term Workshop (required for all entering MDE students): August 19-23, 2019