Advanced offering in Theory and Methods

The current global crisis , a perfect storm of finance, environment and politics, requires a need to rethink the role and practice of architects, planners, and landscape architects going forward. The seminar is a workshop to tackle intercivilizational and interdisciplinary approach to develop a blueprint of complex systems that addresses global issues. We will identify designers as strategists instead of perpetual problem solvers. We will examine alternative modes of practice in different socio- economic, political and cultural circumstances to become a productive agent of change. Indentifying three critical issues: production, mobility and resources, the seminar will analyze current condition in order to confront possible scenario for our future intervention. There is an urgent need for designers to act in our current crisis : communication through visualization, proposing a structure for collaboration, innovative modeling for global interdependence and establishing connectivity between multistake holders. Guest speakers will be invited who are also looking at similar issues from various sectors including, public health, global governance, science, economics and natural resources. As a group project, we will propose imaginative systems for global redesign project. There is a fundamental shift in values and sea change taking place globally and this is an opportunity for designers to be a powerful player in this arena.