Analysis and Design of Building Structures I

The course introduces the discipline of structural engineering as a means of unlocking hidden
architectural design potential. Students develop the skills necessary to make informed decisions
about geometry and material selection through a detailed understanding of statics, force flow,
strength, stiffness, and material durability. The course begins with the fundamentals of structural
analysis, the design of engineering components (columns, beams, trusses, arches, etc.), and
structural materials (structural steel, timber) as a means of introducing the design of more complex
structural systems (funicular systems, bridge design, high rise building design, etc.). Case studies of
historic and recently completed projects across the world are used throughout the course to
demonstrate first principles of engineering design and construction. In the process, students develop
an understanding for the collaborative design process necessary among engineering and
architectural design professionals in the pursuit of real-world design applications.n the pursuit of real-world design applications.This course, 6227, was previously offered as 6201.