Art, Design and the Public Domain

What is the “public domain”? And what, as artists and designers, is our role in it? How can we wield our tools to make this world more just? Are art and design capable of such repair, anyway? Art, Design, and the Public Domain seminar/workshop takes on these questions through theory and practice.

Together we will consider the work of scholars, historians, sociologists, philosophers, psychologists, critics, and intellectuals who themselves have engaged with these questions. We will encounter ideas on freedom, trauma, justice, oppression, community, democracy, otherness, memory, and monuments from aesthetic, critical, critical race, poststructuralist, political, psychoanalytic, and queer and feminist theory. We will examine how artists and designers have given these ideas form. And by semester’s end, we will test these ideas inmprojects of our own.

Expectations: In addition to their attendance and participation (speaking and listening), students are responsible for four assignments: one discussion leadership and three projects. These are weighted equally.