Boston Living with Water, Design Charrette

Instructor: Thaddeus Pawlowski, Loeb Fellow
Max Enrollment: 20
Date/Time: Jan 13-15/2 – 6 p.m.
Location: Gund 112
Description: How will Boston adapt to rising sea levels and more frequent and devastating floods? How will the policies and practices that guide development in Boston have to change to accommodate these new realities? How can this densely built city be re-imagined to not only be more resilient but a better place to live on dry days too?
Loeb Fellow Thaddeus Pawlowski will lead an intensive three day research workshop to prepare materials to complement a first phase student submission for the Boston Harbor Association\’s "Living with Water" competition. GSD students in all academic tracts are welcome. The subject of the competition requires a broad interdisciplinary approach.
During the first two days, students will be presented with initial research in support of the competition on legal and legislative responses; finance, insurance and real estate responses; ecological models for resilience; Boston\’s history of land-making and vernacular built adaptation; data management and mapping risk; and cultural adaptation and communications.
On the final day students will present the research to a jury of faculty and external experts.
This course is offered in conjunction with Jamie Blosser\’s JTerm course Grassroots Organizing for Climate Change – Participatory Planning for the Boston Living with Water Competition.
Requirements: n/a
Cost/Materials: n/a