Building the Temporary Concert Hall in L’Aquila

Please note, this option studio will meet on an irregular schedule.In general, architects work for the privileged. Historically, architects have worked for religious groups and nobleman. Now, we work for big corporations, governments, and the rich in order to display their power and money through monuments, so we are not working for the general public. However, architects must have enough experience and knowledge to work for the general public and even for victims who lost their homes from natural disasters. Natural disasters are becoming manmade disasters. For example, an earthquake doesn\’t kill people but the collapse of buildings do. That is the responsibility of architects. After earthquakes, people lose their homes and need temporary housing, but there are no architects working because they are too busy working for privileged people. If we work for disaster situations, we can make it better.There is currently an emergency project in L\’Aquila. After the earthquake in April 2009, many historical buildings including concert halls were destroyed. L\’Aquila is famous as a city of music, there is the philharmonic Orchestra and the school of music, Conservatorio, which lost the places to play. My project is to build the small temporary concert hall, 300 seats, with help of student volunteers, under the supervision of a local contractor. In our studio, each student must build models of building and mock-up of details. An unfunded trip to L\’Aquila is tentatively planned, to enable GSD students to work with Italian students for the construction of the building as the workshop. This will be very important opportunity for students to learn the construction method and experience the social contribution as architects.Danielle Etzler will work with Shigeru Ban as the local instructor. Timeline: (To Be Confirmed)The Studio will meet every other week, with group discussions, pin-ups and reviews on Tuesdays, and individual studio critiques on Wednesdays or Thursdays.Jan 20: LotteryJan 22: Begin Charette 1Jan 28: StudioFeb 2: Review Charette 1Feb 5/6/7: Begin Charette 2/ Studio Trip to Los AngelesFeb 18/23: StudioMar 2: Review Charette 2Mar 4: Begin Charette 3Mar 16/18: Studio (Optional)Mar 30: Review Charette 3April 1: Begin Charette 4April 13/15 StudioApril 22 Studio pre-final Review