Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing: Fundamentals

This seminar will introduce the fundamentals of CAD/CAM technologies through lectures and hands-on workshop activities using the facilities at the school. The technologies will be related to the historical context within which they were developed and to the design and manufacturing environments in which they are used today. A series of short exercises will introduce general knowledge through learning useful programs such as Rhino, Solidworks and a simple manufacturing software environment, BobCad. These activities will also support an understanding of how to move from software environments to manufacturing actual pieces, providing an understanding of appropriate languages and digital file formats along the way. The exercises will require the use of CAD/CAM hardware such as digitizers, laser cutters, 3D printers, and a CNC Milling machine and router. In addition, secondary operations such as casting and vacuum-forming will be required to complete the projects. The course is intended to provide general knowledge in the field of Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing as well as the practical knowledge required to usefully engage available CAD/CAM resources. A prerequisite for taking this course is the successful completion of 6111M2 or its equivalent. This course will function as a prerequisite for 6320, Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing: Manufacturing Processes, and may be taken coincidentally with 6319, Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing: Design Development.