Creating a Simple Book

Instructor: Irina Gorstein
                 Conservator, Harvard GSD

Max Enrollment: 6

Date/Time: Jan 8-9/9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Location: Conservation Laboratory (Gund Hall, L01)

Description: Frances Loeb Library Conservation Dept. offers a two-day seminar on bookmaking for the GSD J-Term. The workshop is limited to 6 participants and will be held at the Conservation Laboratory (Gund Hall, L01). Participants should expect to pay a small fee for tools/materials ($20 – $25). The seminar will focus on four non-adhesive structures based on historic bindings. The skills learnt during the workshop can be used for creating attractive portfolios and notebooks.

Requirements: n/a

Cost/Materials: $25 for tools/materials