Design By Committee. Digital Interfaces for Collaborative and Participatory Design

This Seminar/Workshop will look into the design and technical challenges involved in the development of web based interfaces for collaborative and participatory design scenarios where more than one agents are involved. The designer in a sense is given the chance to design and experiment with the communication architecture and temporality of the design process itself. Students will be introduced to web technologies for front end and back end development [javascript, webGL, nodeJS, MongoDB] and related apis for data mining, visualization, mapping and interaction.

In this course students will be required to develop [design and implement] an interface for a particular design scenario involving more than one agent [design team, designer – consultant, designer – client, designer – public and so on]. Students will work in small teams and some basic knowledge of programming is desirable [at least one person per student group].

The course will be covering mostly web based technologies [WebGL, client and server side javascript [nodejs], databases [mongoDB] etc…].