Design for Personal Stereolithography 3D Printing

Will Walker, Educational Coordinator and Designer / Craig Broady, Mechanical Engineer

Max Enrollment:

Jan 15-17; 1:00-3:00

Gund 112

High resolution, personal 3D printing is rapidly maturing and becoming a high impact tool for the designer. The flexibility of these emerging capabilities parallels the advancement of agile software development, in which rapid iteration allows for incremental development during the design process. Design for Personal Stereolithography 3D Printing will serve as an introduction to this technology, with a focus on daily iteration while confronting the strengths and limitations of the solid imaging process.

Students will have shared access to Form 1 desktop 3D printers during the course but should bring an *.STL file to print (size less than 100mb). Students will also need a laptop with PreForm software installed on their laptops. PreForm creates toolpathing for the Form 1 and is a free download available at The software is OS X and Windows compatible.


Laptops with Preform (free download available at Students should have prior 3D modeling experience, access to Rhino and be able to produce their own models.