Design Research in Product Design

COURSE DESCRIPTIONWhat is design research? What are its criteria of success? The seminar/workshop will investigate design research methods from two perspectives:1.the Industrial Design/ Architecture interface. 2.a process of synthesis and visualization of Complex Problems.The seminar will define \”design\” as a process of synthesis, visualization, and inquiry, in the pursuit of identifying significant opportunities. The course is structured as follows: First half of the semester The first half of the course will introduce and define \”comparative research\” and \”integrated research\” through two workshop projects: a first on materials and a second on fabrication. Second half of the semester The development of independent student proposals in response to a Complex Problem: a problem that will tie architecture, organizational models, business strategy, and products together. The course is an \”Independent Study\” mode course. As such it requires active participation including a significant component of independent student work.Primary course times are Wednesday 9-11am, but may meet at other times or as necessary/agreed upon by the course. Course pre-requisite: 2316M2 Grading is on a Pass/Fail basis. Attendance is mandatory (2 unexcused absences will result in failing the course)Requirements include:Successful completion of workshop projectsAttendance to all -regular class- sessions and roundtable discussionsActive participation in discussions/activitiesSelecting and leading 1 reading assignmentFinal projectDocumentation of all work