Drawing for Designers: Technics of Expression, Articulation and Representation

The course objective is to advance students' visual skills in artistic representation and creative imagination through drawing.

Drawing projects will focus on forms, processes, and events in natural and built environment, human body in action with the emphasis on personal expression, and metaphoric interpretation.

This course will master technical and artistic skills in hand drawing, refining sensitivity to all details of what one sees, and developing capacity to articulate it in a visually convincing and evocative form. Developing personal skills and habit of hand sketching will be encouraged.

Projects will include work in outdoor and indoor situations and places, and drawing of life models. In the process of drawing, students will focus on the world of lines, textures, shapes, light, shade and values.

We will use various tools, materials and artistic techniques including: pencils, vine charcoal, conté pastels, markers, ink and other media, later combined with the use of camera, press imagery, computer renderings, etc.

Each class session will consist of short project introduction and completion of three individual assignments. There will be one final group project as well as field trips to draw in city interior and exterior places and public situations.

Work on assigned studio project will be supplemented by museum visit and presentations and discussions of relevant examples from art history and contemporary art. Guest critics will be invited for the presentation of the final projects and exhibition.

Please bring for first class session: 18”x24” newsprint sketchpad, soft charcoal-vine sticks and a large kneaded eraser.