Ecology, Plants and Technology II

As the continuation of GSD 6106, this is the second in the core sequence of Ecology, Plants and Technology courses. The first module of GSD 6107 has an emphasis on technology and introduces the use of hardscape materials, and explores how these can play a crucial role in the conceptualization and execution of landscape ideas. Its pedagogic objectives are twofold. One, to instill a pleasure for discovering the infinite possibilities of material applications in landscape design – possibilities related to intrinsic material qualities, programmatic applications, experience, technical potential; and how these material applications support larger design ideas. Integral to understanding materials as a medium of landscape design are notions of assemblage, construction techniques and processes, durability, and weathering. Time-honored materials will be discussed simultaneously with new materials. Two, to understand and explore material applications and possibilities through the design process. Hence all assignments are design exercises. The second module of GSD 6107 investigates plants as an essential medium of landscape design. Through lectures, readings, and a series of design exercises, the student builds a knowledge base of plants in design applications, principally in the northeastern United States. Topics covered include planting typologies and strategies, green roofs, parks, and regenerative landscapes. Emphasis is placed on critical practices of analysis, conceptualization, design, and implementation required to build sustainable, meaningful landscapes. In both modules, successful completion of design exercises and a final project or paper will form the basis for evaluation. Experimentation, risk taking and innovation will be encouraged.