Everybody loves Frank

Everybody Loves FrankMack ScoginIf the traditional role of the iconoclast is to attack cherished beliefs and ridicule venerated institutions, why is it in today\’s world architects are asked more and more to deliver the icon?Arguably, Carnegie Mellon University has one of the most distinguished programs in Computer Science in the world. In particular, its research in robotics each year is cited for its remarkable advances in the field.This studio will investigate the present phenomenon of prescribed iconic architecture; specifically through the design of a new School of Computer and Robotic Sciences for Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on a campus designed by one of America\’s most original, idiosyncratic architects, Henry Hornbostel, and in a city with some of the country\’s leading cultural, academic and industrial institutions and exceptional American iconic architecture including H.H. Richardson\’s Allegheny County Courthouse and Frank Lloyd Wright\’s Fallingwater.The site for the building is an 80\’ deep hole off the western edge of the main lawn of the campus.