For centuries used as a fundamental form of geometric rationality, and perhaps now used as a reaction to the various types of topological / fluid formal regimes that have emerged globally over the last ten years, Platonic solids remain an originary if often neglected source for contemporary architecture. Squashed Platonics are irregular, mutant forms of the most basic solid forms. They respect for the most part an organization that is axially or radially repetitive in plan while offering sectional deformations that in an economical way, produce a less \”knowable\” form. A good example of this is the Allianz Arena by Herzog-deMeuron. In plan, the project is a cross between a square and a circle (SQUIRCLE) while its ETFE bubble wrap fa??ade makes the project a super-scale object of industrial design more than architecture. On a much smaller scale, Paul Nelson\’s Bubble Lamps come to mind. And in terms of pure geometry, superellipse / oids are an example of how adjusting parameters of curvature can produce a wide variety of primitives. With an emphasis on geometry, structure, and envelope, the studio will focus on the design of a center for graphic and industrial design on a specific site in Los Angeles for a well known institution. The outcome of the studio will be excessively documented buildings including the design of the structural system and envelop details. Students should be competent to expert in Maya, Rhino, V-Ray, Maxwell, Grasshopper, and Photoshop. As a primarily digital studio, we will concern ourselves with precision and accuracy in the production of drawings and images. Process physical models will be required as well.This Studio Will Meet on the Following Days:Sep 1Sep 14 & 15Sep 28 & 29Oct 12 & 13Oct 26 & 27Nov 9 & 10Nov 23 & 24Final Reviews Dec 6 – 10