Immersive Environments II

This seminar is part two of GSD 2319 / Immersive Environments – an advanced digital media seminar focusing on the design and representation of integrated environments examining spatial temporal qualities of the built and natural environment. The course will focus on the integration of topics from GSD 2319 in a comprehensive pipeline across a series of investigations examining topics in advanced material design and simulation, interior and exterior atmospheres, to perceptual investigations in still and moving image. Each investigation will focus on an integrated pipeline from modeling, scene development, texturing and lighting, through to rendering, animation and post production. The seminar will include such topics as: Architectural, Urban and Landscape Site Simulation through Environment Lighting, Large Datasets, Mass Population Tools and Photomontage; Climatic, Seasonal and Time Based Environment Simulation; Compound Physically Based Material Construction for Interior, Architectural and Landscape simulation and Architecture and Moving Image. The seminar will meet once a week for a lecture/workshop. Software: Rhino will be used for modeling. 3dsmax will be used for the development of iterative workflows, large dataset and content management, animation, cinematography, render management and the creation of supplemental scene geometry. Onyx and GroundWiz will be used for organic modeling and mass population. Vray will be used for render development, and After Effects will be used for compositing and editing. Prerequisites: GSD 2319 or GSD 1202