Integrated Project Delivery

Lecture course for 4 credits on Integrated Practice and Integrated Project Delivery. Pedagogical objectives include the broad survey and introduction to various collaborative approaches to design services delivery and an in-depth examination of Integrated Practice and Integrated Project Delivery in the context of the design professions of architecture, urban planning, and landscape architecture, real estate and project management. Integrated Practice and Integrated Project Delivery are \”hot\” topics in the design and construction industry today. These alternatives to the traditional design-bid-build approach greatly enhance collaboration among design professionals, clients and the building team. These methods can reduce risk and improve the efficiency of the design and construction delivery process and promise to change the fundamental way design firms deliver services to clients. Integrated practice and integrated project delivery are a response to pressures from building owners for a more efficient and predictable process for designing and constructing buildings, and to the increasing availability of advanced digital technologies such as Building Information Modeling. In contrast to the traditional process of designing and constructing buildings, the integrated approach promotes: Early and active collaboration among owners, designers, architects, planners, landscape designers, consulting engineers, and other members of the design and construction team, including input from contractors, subcontractors, and major suppliers and fabricators; Open and continuous information sharing and team collaboration; Participative project leadership; Exploiting digital technologies to improve design services delivery; Continuous attention to the project trilogy of scope, cost and time; Reduced conflict among the design and building team; Reduced risk of litigation and liability exposure for the design team; Enhanced potential for designers to assume greater leadership and influence of projects.Who Should Take this CourseThis course is designed for graduate students in Architecture, Urban Planning and Design, Landscape Architecture and Advanced Studies students concentrating in Real Estate and Project Management.Course ContentThrough lectures, case studies, and group discussions, this course covers the basic elements of Integrated Practice and Integrated Project Delivery, and how these new techniques can be applied by designers, architects, landscape architects, planners, real estate developers, and others.Sample TopicsOverview- Course Overview & Review of Design Services Delivery Approaches- Course overview, topics to be covered, assignments, review of syllabus; pedagogical expectations, Introduction to and survey of various design services delivery approaches and introduction to the integrated practice approach.Introduction:- Introduction to Integrated Practice- Overview of integrated practice, what it is, its history and various definitions, and presentation of the Jennings??? Process – Transformation Survey & Research, including: Definition of goals and objectives for the project; Project organization and leadership; Enhancement of project communication processes; Collaboration and mutual respect among team members ; Creating and developing mutual benefits; Project protocols; Use of appropriate technologies.Essentials:- Integrated Practice Essentials for Success- Mutual trust and respect, cooperation, and communication and collaboration among all team members who share common values and goals are keys to successful integrated practice. Discussion of how to create and lead the integrated team with case studies and discussion of successful integrated projects:- Promote early involvement of all team members;- Encourage e